Vladimir Kameñar

Vladimir Kameñar

Editor at CelerSMS

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Electronics Engineer. Professor at the Faculty of Systems Engineering, National University of Colombia, 2004 - 2007. Researcher at the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia since 2005. Senior Technical Leader at Thales Group.

I started programming in the '90s, when computers were more expensive than cars and there was no Internet. These were the times of MS-DOS, Turbo Pascal, floppy disks. In the early 2000s it was really difficult to find good technical material on programming in Spanish. There were no online translation services either. So, I started translating some articles, tutorials, books, mainly in English and Russian. That's probably the reason why I was hired as a professor at the Faculty of Systems Engineering. I also worked for BellSouth, developing CDMA software before the smartphone era.

Currently I develop telecommunications solutions for an aerospace company, edit the CelerSMS Journal and volunteer at the Educamas Foundation.

All materials that I have written or translated are in the public domain.





  • (or µFMOD): An open-source tiny XM player library written in Assembly language, including XMStrip, a utility tool to reduce the size of an XM file (2006)
  • : Create your own MS-COFF Import Libraries (2006)
  • SIMAlliance ML (de)compiler: Bytecode compiler and decompiler for the S@T 01.00 standard (2008)
  • LBS for 2G and 3G: A Location Based System (LBS) for mobile operators, featuring the MLP protocol and computing the location in real time based on the HLR (SS7 protocol) (2010)
  • : Use your mobile as a proxy to send SMS (2019)
  • MMS compiler: A tool to generate Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) files, including text, images, audio and video (2019)