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SMS Proxy


If your mobile can send SMS, the SMS Proxy app can be used as an SMS Center (SMSC) proxy. Any SMPP compliant SMS client, like Kannel, Apache Camel or Jasmin SMS, can be used to send SMS through this app. This is useful to automate SMS notifications, send bulk SMS.

If you don't have access to a real SMSC or a bulk SMS provider, the SMS Proxy can be used as a simple alternative.

SMS Proxy diagram

The following video presents how to connect the Ozeki SMS gateway to the SMS Proxy to send text SMS. The same principle can be used to connect any other SMS client. Make sure that the client can connect to the proxy through a local network, which is typically a WiFi. The local WiFi IP can be found in the mobile WiFi settings. Normally it's 192.168.0.X. When setting up the SMPP connection in the SMS client just input the same IP assigned to the mobile and the port number configured in the SMS Proxy. The default port is 5011.

For security reasons, it is recommended to change the default port. It is also recommended to stop the SMS Proxy connection, when not in use, to avoid any unauthorized access.

The app is available at Amazon Appstore.

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SMS Proxy Lite

SMS Proxy Lite logo
The SMS Proxy Lite is a freeware app. It can be used to send text and WAP messages through the mobile subscription. The SMPP client can connect to the proxy through WiFi or USB (ADB bridge port forwarding).

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SMS Proxy Pro

SMS Proxy ProIf the mobile supports "raw-pdu" (i.e. HTC Desire S, One M7, Pantech Sky A820L, Samsung I7500, Motorola Quench, ...) the SMS Proxy Pro can be used to send any kind of SMS, including binary SMS. Otherwise it will accept plain text SMS, also known as Class 1 SMS, and WAP messages.

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SMS Proxy Hub

The SMS Proxy Hub is an enterprise version of the SMS Proxy application. It's possible to combine multiple devices to increase the SMS throughput and support redundancy. Please, contact us if you'd like to order the SMS Proxy Hub. We provide individual licenses and technical support.