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AT Emulator The AT Emulator is a free tool, which can be used to emulate a communication device, like a modem. The AT interface can be accessed through the console, a TCP or telnet connection or a virtual COM port. The emulator is implemented in Java, it can be used in Windows or Linux/Unix.
CelerCOM CelerCOM is a free minimalistic Java library, which can be used to interact with external devices over COM ports, for example: USB, virtual COM. The library has no external dependencies. Native drivers are included for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux. A pure Java driver is available as a fallback for other OS and architectures.



The GAVIoTA automates the location tracking of IoT assets, metrics collection and visualization. For example, the IoT assets can be beacons and the metrics can be temperature, humidity, battery level, availability, location.

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Android Mobile Apps

Some of our apps are available free of charge on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Feel free to use our apps and provide your feedback to help us improve.

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RadarThe Beacon Radar is an application designed to track and monitor Bluetooth (BLE) beacon devices, like smart bands, HT sensors, proximity beacons and others. Almost all kinds of beacons are supported, including iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, RuuviTag, BeaconX, MkiBeacon, Beacon+, Kontakt.io and BlueMaestro.

The Radar can be useful to track baggage at the airports: just put a beacon inside the bag and the application will let you know when the bag is close to you. It can also assist in tracking runaway pets, locating lost beacon devices, monitor battery level of charge, temperature and humidity (depending on the device capabilities). The application is lightweight, it uses very little battery. Please, check the User's Guide for more information.

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The Online KCV Calculator can be used to compute the Key Checksum Value (KCV) for an input cryptographic key. DES and 3DES are supported.
An Online Emoticon and Emoji Table featuring various pictograms grouped by category. The table can be used to copy and paste the selected pictogram.
A Collection of Telecommunication Icons. It's free for any use, including commercial.