The GAVIoTA automates the location tracking of IoT assets, metrics collection and visualization. For example, the IoT assets can be beacons and the metrics can be temperature, humidity, battery level.

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RadarThe Beacon Radar is an application designed to monitor BLE beacon devices, like smart bands, HT sensors, proximity beacons, among others. Almost all kinds of Bluetooth beacons are supported, including iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, RuuviTag, BeaconX, MkiBeacon, Beacon+ and

It can be useful to track baggage at the airports: just put a beacon inside the bag and the application will let you know when the bag is close to you. It can also assist in locating lost beacon devices, monitor temperature and humidity (if the beacon is equipped with the appropriate sensors).

The application is lightweight, it uses very little battery.

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