Miguel Angel Cano

Miguel Angel Cano

System Administrator at CelerSMS

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«A hacker is someone who enjoys playful cleverness — not necessarily with computers»
Richard Stallman



I'm a Computer Science Engineer, graduated from the Francisco Jose de Caldas District University of Colombia in 2018. Since then, I’ve been working in the mobile communications and IoT industry, supporting and administrating IT platforms.

I've published a series of Linux administration and Android development tutorials. The more I learn, the more I publish, and the other way around. My goal is promoting Open-Source Software (OSS). I'm a proud member of the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Since 2021 I'm working for the CelerSMS journal, a semi-annual electronic journal in Spanish. We publish technical articles about programming, especially mobile development, and communications. I'm in charge of maintaining the CelerSMS WorldCat catalog.

Programming and collecting anime are the main sources of inspiration for my daily work.