Package com.celer

CelerSMS CelerCOM is a Java library featuring connectivity with external devices through COM ports, for example: USB, virtual COM.

Reading from and writing to a COM port is implemented through the standard Java InputStream and OutputStream interfaces respectively.

Native and Java drivers

CelerCOM uses a native JNI driver for the following Operating Systems (OS) and CPU architectures:

x86 (32 bit) ✓ ✓
AMD64 (64 bit) ✓ ✓
ARM (32 bit) ✓

For any other OS or architecture a pure Java implementaion is used, which is based on the RandomAccessFile (RAF) API. The RAF driver is also used as a fallback if the native driver is not available. The native driver is preferred:

  • The native driver can recover from unexpected communication errors automatically.
  • The ability to disable system cache for I/O operations, which is required for compatibility with some communication devices.
  • Read operations block for 200ms at most when using the native driver. The RAF driver blocks indefinitely when waiting for the device.
  • Class Summary 
    Class Description
    The COM class can be used to open and close a COM port, retrieve an input and output streams to perform I/O.
    The COM input stream can be used to read from a COM port.
    The COM output stream can be used to write to a COM port.